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Our Vision, Mission & Culture 

Business Team


To become a multi office company providing clients with exceptionally high levels of service, a national reach with a local company approach across our Electrical, Security & Smart home departments. 

Our philosophy is to treat all of our customers and suppliers as our

partners. The advice that we give is honest and considered, offering the

best bespoke solution to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.


To create a business that strives on a high-quality level of service backed with excellent high-quality equipment to ensure our installations are reliable and long lasting. 


To build a team of hardworking, dedicated and highly skilled engineers who are in line with our company ethos and provide them with excellent training opportunities to further increase their skills and knowledge. 



  • Commitment: being committed to Ultimate, our vision and business ethos

  • Performance: to measure our and our team’s performance, give credit where it is due and use these measurements to further better both our team and our company in line with our philosophy

  • Reliability: provide a reliable and efficient service to our customers ensuring our team are in the right place at the right time and work efficiently to get the project completed. 

  • Honesty & Integrity: being honest and open with our fellow team members, as well as our customers and suppliers. Ensuring we deliver on our promises and should an issue arrive dealing with it swiftly at the earliest opportunity to bring the matter to a satisfactory resolution

  • Systems: We always look to the system for a solution. If a challenge arises, we use a system correction before looking for a people correction. We value the system and do not short cut systems in place. Systems are used to keep teams organised.

  • Service: Providing a world class service is paramount to our success. We always ensure that our decisions will result in a sustainable future for our people, our customer’s, our product’s and our service’s. We strive to be a proactive, rather than reactive culture, to help the goal of sustainability.

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